How to read a Tide Chart with Lee Rayner 

TIDES, yep fishing is all about tides.

Don't believe us? Well check out this little tip from a young fella named Lee Rayner...

Oh, you know of Lee, yes that's the one. Lee Rayner, Fishing Fever, Guru of the Seas...

Whatever you know him from, TV most likely, he knows more about fishing than most, so sit down and listed. Good tip, great advice and above all, awesome times on boats.

Paul Worsteling tells it like it is 

We'd like to send out a big welcome to our new recruit, fishing guru Paul Worsteling, yep the one and only Mr iFish himself.

PW's just returned from yet another awesome fishing adventure, this time off Albany in WA where he snapped up this beautiful Samson Fish and says a quick hello.

Paul's joined the team at Life's Better with a Boat as one of our official 'gurus' so stay tuned for some awesome tips, epic photos, wonderful videos and more.

Welcome aboard Mr Worsteling!

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Second Generation of Family Boating 

Scott and his wife Chris raised their two sons on boat. They enjoyed fishing, skiing, diving and even a spot of sailing.

Now he's got six grandkids it's time to hit the water again to teach the youngsters the joy of boating.

Scott and his family all agree, Life's better with a Boat.

Lee Rayner says Pick a Species

Lee Rayner is another of our fishing guru team here at #LifesBetterwithaBoat and today he's got a simple tip for every fisho.

Plan your day fishing with a target species in mind. Pretty simple when you think of it, but Lee certainly makes some sense here.

Watch this little video and then find out more.

Great Times on the Water with our Mates

The crew from Evolution Boats went fishing off Mt Martha recently and had a great day showing us rookie's how to catch snapper and squid.

Here's some great, simple to follow tips that led to a nice 3.5kg snapper the boys caught just off Mt Martha in Port Phillip Bay. 

Great job boys, just goes to show life's better with a boat.

Fishing Tips with 11yo Jamie

Avid young fisherman Jamie and his parents and sister love fishing. They've been doing it as a family for about two years since getting into boating. It's a great, fun, family adventure as they explore Victoria's waterways.

In this little video 11 year old Jamie shows us the basics of how to bait a pilchard while fishing for gummy sharks and snapper just of Rye in Port Phillip Bay.

This is just another example of why we all agree, life's better with a boat.

Kayak Fishing with James

Bumped into James this weekend out fishing on his Kayak. Great story actually.

We we're all out fishing and just started chatting and he told us that he sold his boat (when the new baby came into the world, so we'll accept that one) but he had to keep out on the water.

Mitch hooks his first Snapper thanks to Paul Carter

Our resident fishing guru Paul Carter promised one of our team he'd be able to teach his son, Mitch, to catch a snapper. This awesome little video made a dad with a camera very proud. See more here. Great day on the water with Mitch and Paul Carter. Love it.

How to Fillet Whiting with our mate Matt

It's one thing to catch the fish, but what do we do then.

Well Matt's come to the rescue. Our team went fishing with the boys from Bar Crusher this morning in the beautiful Western Port just off Hastings and we pulled in about a dozen whiting all before it was time to go to work.

In this little video Matt show's us how to fillet a whiting. Looks easy enough, so what's stopping you.

Get out on the water, take a mate or take your family and go catch some whiting because life certainly is better with a boat.

Faster Anchoring can Increase Your Catch

Have you ever wanted to just go fishing, on your own, some peace and quiet for a couple of hours. Then the thought of dropping the anchor and pulling it back up turns you off?

Well, boating can be really simple if you use the right gear. Consider an anchor winch.

As part of our Life's Better with a Boat series Nick Savva takes us through how easy it is to drop and raise and anchor with his Savwich. Made right here in Melbourne.

Great time's ahead. Let's all go fishing.

Adrian love his Boat and loves his Fishing

Adrian loves his boat, loves his Savwinch and above all loves his fishing.

We bumped into Adrian just off Altona the other day and he had a lot of nice things to say about how he loves boating.