High Country


Fresh water lakes and rivers are an integral layer of the tourism experience in Victoria’s High Country.

What characterises the visitor experience is the multiplication of experiences on offer. The region boasts rich experiences with a kaleidoscope of colours, aromas, tastes, seasons and activities.

The nature offering in Victoria’s High Country is strong and diverse. We have snow fed rivers and lakes, green valleys, views to and from alpine peaks, big skies, rolling plains and national parks and reserves that are home to an abundance of wildlife. The region’s food and wine experience is superb with abundant local produce and each destination adds its own unique flavour to a foodie’s feast. Boating visitors enjoy restaurants, cafes, farm gates, cellar doors, craft breweries and interactive events. The region’s road cycling, recreational cycling and mountain biking offers boating visitors alternative action. In winter the alpine resorts offer snow for skiing, playing or just watching snowflakes fall from the comfort the fireside.

Lake Eildon is just 2 hours from the centre of Melbourne making it a great destination for a quick weekend getaway. Many people use Lake Eildon as their holiday home location, but it just so happens most of them have a houseboat.

Strong habitual visitation to the region encompasses boating enthusiasts who fish, water-ski, swim and cruise at the region’s best loved lakes; Lake Eildon, Lake Hume, Lake Buffalo, Lake Dartmouth, Lake Mulwala and the cool alpine waters of Rocky Valley Lake, which at 1600 metres is the highest significant body of water in Australia.

Those in the know seek out one of the serene smaller lakes offering time-out in nature with a High Country twist: Lake William Hovell, Lake Nillahcootie, Lake Guy, Lake Moodemere, Lake Sambell, Lake Benalla and Mounty Beauty Pondage. Lake Catani at iconic Mount Buffalo is the spot for campers, walkers, kayaking and rowing.

Fishing and fun on the rivers bring boating visitors to the might Murray River and Goulburn River or to the lazy beauty of the Ovens and Broken Rivers.

The number and distinct character of the region’s boating destinations, coupled with the High Country’s welcoming towns and villages, underpins the growth potential for boating visitation across the region. Visitors to the lakes and rivers are serviced from the popular towns of Mansfield, Benalla, Wangaratta, Rutherglen, Beechworth, Tallangatta, Myrtleford, Bright, Mt Beauty and Falls Creek as well as many other smaller villages on and around the waterways.

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Our team got invited to a fun day on the beautiful Lake Eildon recently to experience a day on a houseboat. What a wonderful way to spend time together with family and friends in a safe, natural environment. Houseboating has come a long way and gives a host of different forms to suit every budget.

High Country Lakes and Rivers

  • Lake William Hovell
  • Lake Buffalo
  • Rocky Valley Lake
  • Lake Hume
  • Lake Dartmouth
  • Lake Moodemere
  • Lake Mulwala
  • Lake Sambell
  • Mount Beauty Pondage
  • Lake Guy at Bogong Village
  • Lake Catani
  • Lake Eildon
  • Lake Nillahcootie
  • Ovens River
  • Murray River
  • Goulburn River

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