What better way to enjoy the water than with your own boat.  There are roughly 365 million trillion gallons (imagine that in litres) of water on Earth, so there's plenty to explore.  Here in Victoria alone, we have some of the world's best waterways and great fishing spots, coast to coast.

If you've been thinking....

How can we keep the family bonded, keep the kids together, take our friends out and just enjoy a healthy pastime with all of today's distractions behind us, the universal solution is boating.  A safe, outdoors, healthy pastime for all the family.

Whether it's fishing, skiing or cruising - boating is the best way to enjoy family time together.

Honey, let's buy a BOAT!

Buying a boat has many perks. One of those perks includes being called a bunch of different things such as - boating, old-salt, mariner or skipper, so if you are serious about owning a boat, get used to the term boatie! Much of the Australian population lives near the coast so we are always near the water. It seems the water for many of us has a kind of weird magical draw to her just like metal to a magnet, but with much more intrigue. To many aspiring boaties, it is not unusual to sit and gaze at the water with admiration, mixed with a touch of envy toward those who are already on the water and living the dream.

For many bystanders, sadly these are feelings that will never be acted on, just simply stifled hoping they will soon go away. Regrettably there are plenty of 'gonna's' or 'should'aves' and 'maybe's' - all spectators of life, just hanging around marinas...so watch your step. They will be staring at you with the look of envy and longing in their eyes.

Living in this wonderful country of ours presents us with plenty of opportunity to safely experience and enjoy life near the water to the fullest.

Excerpts from the book - Honey, let's buy a BOAT! are used with permission from author, Darren Finkelstein aka 'The Boat Guy'.  You can order online the complete book which is available in both paperback or ebook formats.  It contains over 360 pages of everything you need to know about buying, maintaining and using a boat.  It's the definitive guide written for the Australian marketplace.

'The Boat Guy' can be heard live on 3AW doing the Beach and Bay reports over summer.  Darren is also a proud Ambassador and Presenter for Life's Better With A Boat and Wyndham Harbour.

Honey, let's sell the BOAT!

Looking to sell before buying another?  Or maybe it’s time to move on? 
For some boaties the reality is, they just didn’t use the boat as much as expected. Perhaps the kids were doing other things, the weather was far from ideal, or perhaps their boating needs have changed.

Maybe the young boy on the TV car commercial is onto something when he says: “Time to get a bigger boat”

“Whether a big boat, trailer boat, cruiser, pwc, tinny or sailing craft, the same principles apply. Written for the Australian marketplace from the unique perspective of an ‘industry insider’ with tons of experience. This book answers all of your questions"  - Steven Potts, CEO Boating Industry Association Of Victoria

In this book you will discover;       

  • What are your selling choices? Go it alone or hire an expert

  • What's your boat really worth? Researching for fair market value

  • Best bang for your advertising dollar. Where and how to advertise

  • Competing in an overcrowded market

  • Preparing your boat (and trailer) for sale

  • Selling with clear-title. What if you owe money?

  • Pre-purchase inspections and sea-trials. Beware of time wasters

  • Offers, deposits and settlement day

  • Learning from others’ mistakes

For more infomation, visit: www.letsselltheboat.com.au

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