Chaparral introduces a serious Wake Surf contender

Chaparral Boats have released 5 new surf models from 22 – 27 feet, incorporating Malibu’s proven wave maker; ‘Surf Gate’ in a stunning move that has surprised many industry experts.

Having already entered the hotly contested surf boat market with their patented ‘Aerial Surf Platform’, creating the world’s first surfable wave behind a jet powered boat; and following the worldwide success of their Vortex jet boat range; Chaparral has upped the anti and developed 5 new stern drive surf boats, designed to run in saltwater, that all still offer traditional ski wakes.

Unlike other stern drive manufacturers, Chaparral have not just added a forward facing drive, some ballast and standard trim tabs as an option to their existing range, but rather have carefully selected 5 boats from three of their model lines, taking weight distribution, hull shape and deck layouts into account and then redesigned the hulls to specifically develop a bigger cleaner wave. 

‘We spent some time working on our own version of a surf tab to really push our boats into contention with the traditional surf brands’; said Mike Fafard, head of Chaparral R & D. ‘We realized that our energy was best directed towards making the changes to our hulls spot on, rather than potentially upsetting existing patents on surf tab designs.  The last piece of the puzzle was to research which system worked best and it quickly became obvious that the Malibu ‘Surf Gate’ system offered the best surf wave ensuring wake surfing enthusiasts large, clean, smooth surf waves on either side of the boat’; he said.

Malibu Boats CEO Jack Springer said; ’Chaparral conducted itself honourably by requesting a license to our technology and we are excited and proud to license our innovations to them. Chaparral is a premium brand and market share leader with a 52-year history of building boats with exceptional quality. With this license, Chaparral can offer a surfing experience into market segments not directly served by Malibu or its Axis Wake Research brand. This license will help introduce even more people to the fun of wakesurfing, and to Chaparral’s version of Malibu’s wakesurfing technology, which produces the most amazing waves for that sport,” said Springer.

The key difference with Chaparrals new surf boat range is that the original fuel and speed efficient hulls still come into play once the boat goes beyond ‘surf speed’.  The new hulls literally pull themselves deeper into the water in the surf zone, but then become very efficient at normal waterskiing and cruising speeds. Of course Chaparral is all about saltwater, so the construction and materials are typical of their whole line up – which is top notch.

Chaparral surf boats incorporate the Volvo forward facing drive, which is fuel efficient, offers superior handling and easy adjustment of the wave length and height via normal trim, as well as the ability to operate in shallower water than traditional shaft drive surf boats. Other surf features include ballast, lower swim platforms; Viper 2 surf computer from Medallion with the optional Bluetooth wrist band, allowing the surfer to change the wave from traditional to goofy, alter the boat speed and pump up the tunes while surfing.  

One thing that they haven’t done is go with the latest metallic ‘blinged’ colour schemes that most surf boat brands seem to have adopted, preferring instead to offer a timeless, understated and classy look that is sure to win over the more conservative buyers who have an eye on resale values down the track.

Chaparral Australia are already taking orders for Pre-Christmas delivery and expect that there will strong interest from buyers who want to embrace wake surfing, but are looking for a boat designed to use in the Salt as well as inland.

For more information go to or call chaparral Australia on (03) 9397-6977 for your nearest Chaparral Surf dealer.