Chaparral introduces wake surfing at the Noosa Surf Festival

Chaparral has signed off on an exclusive sponsorship deal with the Noosa Festival of Surfing to launch their new range of salt water surf boats in early March.  

In a first for the 26 year Surf festival, Chaparral will be holding an invitational wake surf event which will see professional surfers pitch their skills against each other; international surf legends such as Layne Beachley, Mark Richards and Tom Carroll are all festival ambassadors and on the invite list.

Festival organisers are hyped about the connection with the new Chaparral Surf boats incorporating Malibu Surf Gate and Volvo Forward Facing drives, coupled with ballast & surf computer creating solid and sizable surf waves that go on forever, something that Mother Nature cannot always provide. 

Scott O’Hare from Chaparral Australia was excited by the opportunity to show off the new Surf Boats; ‘we will have three of the five new models running during the event and can’t wait to see the surf action, with the world champions but also dog surfing, couples, and all manner of surfing disciplines, carving up behind our Chaparrals’.

Sam Smith, the festival director said; ‘each year our team prepares for every eventuality; come rain, hail or shine, the show will go on. For grommets and grandmas, hipsters and holidaymakers, 8 Days of Pure Stoke are guaranteed for all; except for one small thing, WAVES, but with Chaparrals amazing wave making machines, built for saltwater, we are all set to get some action no matter what mother nature dishes out.’ 

‘Chaparral’s boats are unique, with an in-built ballast and ‘surf gate’ system, allowing you to change style, height and direction of wave, enabling it to break from either the left or right-hand side of the boat. Designed to produce waves as slow speed, it is the closest thing outside of a wave pool to emulating real waves, which only stop when the fuel runs out. As the only dedicated saltwater wake surf boat anywhere in the world, it produces a bigger, cleaner wave than any other wake boat and, with the slower speed and a reverse propeller, is far safer’; she said.

O’Hare added; ‘unlike other stern drive manufacturers, Chaparral have not just added the revolutionary Volvo FFD technology, extra ballast and standard trim tabs as an option, but rather have carefully selected 5 boats from three of their model lines, taking weight distribution, hull shape and deck layouts into account and then redesigned the hulls to specifically develop a bigger cleaner wave. Coupled with Malibu Surf Gate, the surf computer and ballast these boats are truly impressive.’

The Noosa Festival of Surf runs from Saturday the 4th of March until Saturday the 11th March attracting upwards of 15,000 people covering all disciplines of surfing in what organizers describe as ‘8 days of Pure Stoke’. The festival is in its 26th year and is one of the world’s biggest and most respected surf events attracting professional surfers from all around the globe. 

You can find more information on the Noosa Festival of Surfing at  and for info on Chaparral Surf boats go to or call (03) 9397-6977 for your nearest dealer.