Wake Surfing Superstar to attend Surf Festival courtesy of Chaparral and Club Marine

World wake surfing sensation, Austin Keen, will be coming to Australia to attend the Noosa Festival of Surfing, in a joint promotion by Chaparral Boats and Club Marine.

Keen has impressed with his amazing surf stunts, exhibiting exceptional skills both behind boats and in the surf, where he has wowed an online audience of millions.   He is the 2013 world champion skim boarder and now pro wake surfer and will provide expert advice and mind-blowing displays of how to ride the wake.

Among his many stunts, he has hijacked a passing wake from a running start off the beach and bungyed from the beach behind one boat, to the wake of a second boat, travelling over 80 metres with nothing more than momentum powering him along.  Keen is also renowned for his impressive surfing skills. 

The Noosa Festival of Surfing organisers are excited to have Chaparral and Club Marine involved with the event and in particular having Austin Keen joining other legendary surfers such as Layne Beachley, Tom Carroll and Mark Richards, who are long term ambassadors for the event.

Sam Smith, festival organiser said; ‘this is the first time Wake Surfing has been on offer in the festivals 26 year history. Chaparral’s new surf boats are suited to saltwater, so we can now offer festival goers something new and we have planned an invitational event with our ambassadors and festival competitors.  Austin will be providing tuition, judging and doing demonstrations; we are stoked to have him here, he is a real showman and a brilliant surfer’.

Chaparrals New Surf Boats combine Malibu Surf Gate, Volvo’s revolutionary forward facing stern drive, Ballast, Surf Computer and Chaparral surf hull technology to create a boat suitable for fresh or saltwater surfing, but also wake boarding or slalom skiing and it comes with the understated style and quality that Chaparral are renowned for.

Austin Keen said; ‘I am really stoked to be coming downunder to hang out with some of the world’s biggest surf legends and can’t wait to rip up on the Chaparral Wake.  Club Marine have stepped up to get me there so I can meet my Australian followers and spend some time checking out Noosa and Queensland.’

When asked why the Chaparral wakes were so good he replied; the Chaparral is equipped to ride in saltwater, which gives you the familiar saltwater buoyancy of riding in the ocean. They also use the Malibu surf gate system, which in my opinion, creates the best shaped wake surf wave currently on the market. And after you're done practicing that front side reverse 20 times behind the boat, you could anchor it up and paddle into the line-up and try it on a real wave! 

The Noosa Festival of Surf runs from Saturday the 4th of March until Saturday the 11th March attracting upwards of 15,000 people covering all disciplines of surfing in what organizers describe as ‘8 days of Pure Stoke’. The festival is in its 26th year and is one of the world’s biggest and most respected surf events attracting professional surfers from all around the globe. 

You can find more information on the Noosa Festival of Surfing at www.noosafestivalofsurfing.com  and for info on Chaparral Surf boats go to www.chaparralboats.com or call (03) 9397-6977 for your nearest dealer. To see Austin Keen in action go to www.austinkeen.com