C.H. Smith Marine Opens in Fairfield

C.H. Smith Marine, experienced dealers in marine and boat accessories and electronics, has opened the doors to its new super showroom in Fairfield, Victoria.

It's set to continue its long history of helping others with their love for fishing and boating, with the new store even bigger and better than before.  With a greater emphasis placed on providing a customer experience that is engaging, interactive and informative.

 CH Smith Managing director, Rod smith, at the new store

CH Smith Managing director, Rod smith, at the new store

"Our goal in setting up this store is to make it an aspirational destination - to give our customers a reason to come back again and again," said C.H. Smith Marine Managing Director, Rod Smith.


"The panoramic images around our walls featuring nine key brands, encourage customers to identify with the activities.  Our job is then to help them there with good advice and product selection."

Included in the store format, customers can use their smartphone in-store to scan a product's shelf label or QR code to access further detailed information on the item, without having to return to the sales counter.

There are also plans to host a series of information sessions at the new facility, on topics encompassing all things boating and fishing, regularly throughout the year.

The new showroom carries an expanded range of quality products, with all the top brands on display.  From marine electronics, to electric trolling motors, boating and fishing equipment, and award-winning products, some of which have been recognised at the 2016 International DAME Awards in Amsterdam.

Visit the new C.H. Smith showroom at 189 Grange Road, Fairfield.  You can also visit them online at www.chsmith.com.au.