The boating community is a friendly group composed of folks who want to relax and have fun.  Though their boats vary in size, type and power, whether they are on the water for sport or leisure, most captains understand that the best way to be safe on the water is to slow down and respect others users.

Just like you did back when you sat for your car licence, take the time to learn the basics of boating safety and on-the-water rules.  Before you head out, double-check your equipment and safety gear.  When you're on the water, operate at a safe speed, obey signage, watch for others, avoid alcohol, check local weather conditions, advise others when/where you are going boating and above all, be respectful towards others.

Safety should be at the foremost priority on every boating activity and outing.  

To help you understand your responsibilities and requirements as the Skipper of a boat, Life's Better With A Boat, has developed the Prep, Check, Know brochure.

This handy brochure will help you safely prepare for your journey before, during and after your boating excursion, and comes with checklists, and guides on the weather, keeping you and your passengers safe, understanding the 5 knot speed limit and resources for safe boating.

You can download this free brochure by clicking here.

Boat Licence

Just as you need a licence to drive your car, one is also required for your boat.  To find out more about what's required to obtain your licence, visit VicRoads online at

Safety Rules & Regulations

There are specific safety rules and regulations that must be adhered to depending on the size of your boat.  To find out more about information required to have a safe boating experience, see your local experts or visit the Maritime Safety Victoria website at

Safety Resources

Watch some of these Safety videos