Staying Safe when out on the Water

Going boating is great fun. A good time for all ages, but it pays to follow some simple safety rules for added peace of mind.

Just like seatbelts in cars, there's safety rules in boats. From lifejackets to flares and fire extinguishers it pays to play it safe.

Michael from Nautek Marine gives us some tips of simple safety items you'll need for your boat. 

A VHF Radio is a Must Have when heading Off Shore

The boys from CH Smith Marine are always being asked the difference between a handheld marine VHF Radio and a hard mounted marine VHF Radio. 

What's best and what's the difference.

It all comes down to the power output of the radio itself and then the length of the radio. The higher the power output (in Watts) the better range the system will give. A normal handheld VHF radio provides 5 watts whilst a mounted larger radio produces 25 watts and when combined with a big tall aerial, give excellent offshore reception.

Great idea to have both option for your next big boating adventure.

How to Launch & Retrieve a PWC

Are you thinking of buying a Personal Water Craft or PWC as we know them? There's a bunch of new models on the market and a huge range of used PWCs for sale too so get out there and have a go.

Check out this little video with Peter from Easytow as he shows us some simple tips to launch and retrieve a PWC.

Safety on the Water - PLB's and EPIRB's. What's it all about?

What is a PLB and what is an EPIRB?

With more people taking to water every day it's wise to remember safety is a priority when boating. In this little video we explain the difference between a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) and an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon).

Don't forget you also need to register your device with a relevant government agency to further aid in search and rescue should the need arise. To register your beacon in Australia visit

How to connect a Boat Trailer with Paul Carter

Check out this liitle tip from fishing guru Paul Carter as he show's some simple steps to take to make sure your boat trailer is correctly and safely connected to your car. 

How to prepare your boat BEFORE backing Down the Boat Ramp

Whether you own a boat or not, one thing is for certain and that is at some point you'll forget to put the bungs in. Well here's a gentle reminder and another quick tip from our resident Fishing Guru, Paul Carter. See you on the water soon.

How to Reverse a Boat Trailer down a Boat Ramp with Paul Carter

It may seem simple, and in reality it is, but many people get themselves stuck under a perceived pressure (self enforced) at the boat ramp.

It's really simple to reverse a boat trailer and all it takes is a little patience. There's a few simple tricks fishing guru, Paul Carter, wants to share with you so watch this little video and we're sure you'll find your next visit to the boat ramp a whole lot easier.

Remember, boating is fun, so there's no need to rush. Take your time, do it right and life will be even greater with a boat.