If you've never owned a boat, or want to upgrade, your best bet is to visit a few dealerships, get to know the market, get a feel for pre-owned versus new, and get to know your local dealer.  Speak with someone you can trust and a good way to start is your local authorised dealer first.

The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) is the peak body for the marine sector.  Its primary functions are to advocate on boating and marine related issues at the federal, state and local levels, develop progressive and sustainable member businesses and industry, and to promote a safe and positive boating experience to the wider public.


BIAV members are spread throughout Victoria and include businesses such as boat and engine manufacturers and retailers, marine accessories manufacturers and retailers, boat and marine engine repair businesses, marine distributing and wholesaling companies, boating holidays and tourism businesses and organisations, marinas, clubs and companies that provide marine related business services.

Look for a BIAV member and buy with confidence.  BIAV members honour their Code of Ethics, ensuring that customers have absolute peace of mind in the purchase of boating products and services.  BIAV members can offer advice on the many different boat types available and which one suits your individual, family and budgetary needs, boating destinations throughout Victoria and safety and marine equipment to new and experience users, just to name a few.

To view a list of current BIAV members visit www.biavic.com.au 

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Watch these videos before buying a boat

New versus Pre-Owned


Maybe you're not ready to dive into a 'newbie' - that's okay.  Pre-owned boats are a great option for those starting out and working to a budget.  Most important to note here is it must be checked by a suitably qualified person.


Shopping for a new boat means you can go out on the water knowing that the hull, engine and on-board systems are in top notch condition and under the manufacturer's warranty program.  In addition, your dealer will stand behind what he/she has sold to their customer.