Lake Eildon is Houseboat Heaven 

Lake Eildon is just 2 hours from the centre of Melbourne making it a great destination for a quick weekend getaway.

Many people use Lake Eildon as their holiday home location, but it just so happens most of them have a houseboat. Yep, a houseboat has come a long way and today you can get some pure luxury to rival even the best holiday homes.

Check out this little video about Lake Eildon, Houseboating and why you should consider hiring, buying or sharing a houseboat for your family and friends to enjoy.

Join a Club 

So you love boating, but want to learn more?

Here's another great tip from John Zammit, publisher of the wonderful Shipmate Marine Directory.

Boating clubs, from grassroots fishing clubs to the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club and beyond are a great way to meet new friends, people with similar interests and learn more about boating.

Now that's a good idea, so what's stopping you?

Gippsland Lakes with Bridie

Victoria has some wonderful waterways to spend time with family and friends. The more we see, the more we love boating.

In this video our new friend Bridie, takes us around the Gippsland Lakes from Lakes Entrance to Metung and then to Paynesville for ice creams after trip over the sandhills to 90 Mile Beach. We even played with the local Dolphins.

Wow! What and awesome afternoon. 

We did all this in just four hours. Two families, 5 kids, cheese, bickies and more. Great day on the water with the team from Aussie Boat Sales.

Life IS better with a boat.

No License, No Worries. 

What's that? You don't have a boat or a boat license? Well we need to fix that, but in the mean time all is not lost. You can hire a boat. 

There's a number of boat hire venues around Victoria where you don't require a boat license. Try Docklands, Mornington or Hastings, or grab the family a head down to Mordialloc and try your hand at fishing or just cruising the coastline in your very own hire boat.

Have a look at this little video where we take a look at the sights, sounds and the history of this wonderful hidden jewel of the Melbourne coastline. 

Visit Mordialloc and hire a Boat or just enjoy the region and it's rich Boating History. Enjoy the day and get out in the sun, because Life's Better with a Boat! 

Business on a Boat - what a Great Idea!

Are you in business? Looking for a New Way to Do Business? Why not consider a boat. Here's a novel idea.

Just like a golf club, where only the members have access to the course, the Pleasure Cruising Club provides luxury boats for members only. Better still over 80% of members are businesses.

Great idea, business must also be better with a boat!

Lake Eildon by Houseboat. What a great place to visit.

Our team got invited to a fun day on the beautiful Lake Eildon recently to experience a day on a houseboat.

What a wonderful way to spend time together with family and friends in a safe, natural environment. Houseboating has come a long way and gives a host of different forms to suit every budget. Hire one, buy one or just go with friends. Go visit Lake Eildon and you'll see what we mean. 

The Best Christmas Lights in Melbourne. This is a must for every family, even if you don't own a boat you need to find a way to see these lights.

So. Now you've seen the video we'll bet you want to know how to get there.

Well there's a catch. These amazing Christmas Lights are only accessible by the water. So bring your boat, your canoe, your kayak, a surfboard or stand up paddle board. Just get down to Patterson Lakes to check out the lights.

Below is a map that shows the track we took. There's heaps to see so with the current messy weather patterns rug up, take some food and spend the night gently meandering around one of the hidden treasures of Melbourne by water.

See, Life's Better with a Boat.

Hire a Boat and Tour the Docklands

So you think boating might be for you but you just don't know, well there's no need to rush out and buy a boat. Hire one instead. Yep, there's a number of boat hire locations around Melbourne offering all sorts of boat to hire. One great way to experience the wonderful Docklands area is by boat, a great way to see things you can only see from the water.

You don't need a boat licence and the kids will love the adventure. Give it a go, it's an affordable boating experience right in the heart of Melbourne.

RIVA at St Kilda Marina

RIVA at St Kilda Marina is a very popular restaurant and meeting place for boaties and non boaties alike. A great place to sit and watch the beach, the water and eat some awesome food. 

RIVA is a special place because being part of the St Kilda Marina precinct you can actually pull up in your boat at the public berths, go have some lunch and then head back out into the bay. Check it out in Darren Finkelstein's new book Honey, Lets go Boating! 

Have a BBQ in the on the water in Docklands our maybe outside Crown!

Check this out. Right in the heart of Melbourne you can hire a boat with a bbq right in the middle.

Yep for around $200 odd bucks you up to 10 people can cruise around the luxury boats in Docklands and have a barbie. No boat licence required and the engine is electric so no smells and no pollution. Just you, your mates, some beers and great times on the water.