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Alistair Murray AM, BIAV Life Member


I love sailing all kinds of boats, and to all my power boat friends I would have to say the most magical moment is when you turn the engine off and just let the sails do the work!

I love sailing my Tasar dinghy with my wife, Tracey. Re race in club racing and major championships, with the enjoyment coming from the competition, exercise, effort required, the speed and exhilaration.

I also love sailing my Archambault 31 keelboat with my mates. Once again the main thrill comes from the racing, but day sails and the odd overnighter also provide special experiences.

Sailing has given me lifelong friends and has led to me working in the sailing industry with Ronstan, for a lifelong, rewarding career. Life is better with a boat!

Ben Scullin, BIAV Advocacy and Industry Skills Manager

Ben Boat 2.jpg

The first boat I owned was a 12’ Brooker that my Uncle handed down to me. My last boat was an Evolution 552 Axis and there have been a few boats in between.

It’s the feeling of freedom at the start of a journey when I point the bow at the horizon that is the reason I go  boating. I love that feeling. This is why my Life is Better with a Boat.

Neil James, RACV Marine


Neil James from RACV with a 20kg gummy, caught off Rye along with Savage Seas Adventures. Neil James loves the experience of catching (and releasing) a beauty like this Gummy at 20kg with fishing expert Charlie Micalef! What could be better! That's why his Life is Better with a Boat!

Millie Kelly, BIAV Comms Officer


I went to Sorrento for New Years, and I spent the day out on a friend's boat. This serenity and beauty in Port Phillip on a boat is where I find such peace and calm. The water was a perfect blue, I had a cold icy Corona and great friends. That is where I feel that Life is (so much!) Better with a Boat.